Our design

We combine classic and straight-line design with an on-trend approach, making our pieces real favourites. We’re especially fond of extravagant designs and vibrant colours. We pay particular attention to details such as hand-coloured buttons in our collection colours.

Because we wanted to know exactly what children like, we asked them – and made their wishes reality. Every garment is tested by children before we manufacture it, and after testing we optimize our styles.

Your child is always well-dressed in our knitwear – either for everyday life or special occasions.

Knitwear for sensitive skin 

We create clothes that are particularly gentle on your (child´s) skin and the environment.

For our knitwear we only use certified organic yarns that undergo stringent testing for harmful residue so that they are particularly kind to sensitive skin. Our wool garments can even be worn by children with atopic eczema!
We also produce and dye the yarn in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

For our winter collections, we’ve found a material that we love: beautiful, high-quality, organic, pure virgin wool, produced in Germany. As far as we are concerned, “organic” doesn’t just mean that the sheep are reared in their natural environment, but also that they’re not treated cruelly.

For our summer collections, we use high-quality certified organic cotton yarns.

Of course, our clothes are machine washable (wool yarns: on a wool cycle).


High quality

Wool candy Berlin represents exceptional quality and durable childrenswear. We only use the best materials and our clothes are made with painstaking attention to detail. We test our samples until we’re absolutely sure that they meet our requirements under all circumstances.

Made in Germany

It’s really important to us that we produce our clothing sustainably and in fair working conditions. We’ve found people in Germany with real commitment and a wealth of experience who make our designs reality. This means that we can achieve consistently high quality when producing our children’s fashion while minimising environmental damage thanks to the shortest possible transport distances.

We specifically support small and middle-sized businesses.