Caring for wool candy products
Caring for wool candy products

Our organic pure virgin wool (winter collections) is a wonderful natural material that is dirt and water repellent, hardly creases and does not hold much odour.

  • Stains can, with a bit of luck, be dabbed off, when they are fresh.
  • Odours and creases soon disappear if you hang the item in the open air

Our organic cotton is not that repellent and may be washed in 40° Celsius hot water if really necessary, although we recommend 30 °.

You can wash our knitwear by hand or in a washing machine:

  • Turn the item inside out
  • Virgin wool: 30° Celsius wool cycle (not a delicate cycle!), please use wool detergent or baby shampoo
  • Cotton: 30° Celsius delicate cycle
  • Spin up to 900 revolutions
  • Reshape while damp
  • Dry flat

If you lay out the knitwear flat while drying, it won’t even need to be ironed. If you want to iron it, of course you can do this as well – in this case, turn the item inside out and iron when damp or using steam on the wool setting.

By the way: fatty stains often do not simply disappear after machine washing; they are usually still visible as “shadows”. However, they can be easily removed with washing-up liquid – this is what you do: dab a small amount of washing-up liquid (preferably sensitive/colourless) onto the stain, rub it into the stain carefully (!) with water, and then rinse it. The stain will disappear – and you don’t have to put the item in the washing machine!